Sunday, July 12, 2009

It has been a long week of @#$%^^? things , one right after the other. I'm not healing right after my surgery and my truck still isn't fixed. If I so much as twist just a little , I disturb my incision. I guess I'm not supposed to move at all. I know this is all for the better but gosh, HEAL ALREADY! Maybe I'm just in a hurry to start my treatments and expecting things to happen faster. My truck is another sore subject. My mechanic, who has done all are work for 10 years, is being a royal pain. I say that they didn't do the work right and they say they did. Like I have time for this battle. Fix the truck right and you will get paid. Somehow this seems wrong to them. I don't know, maybe my business sense is screwed up or something

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another year is already half over. Where does the time go? Gee whiz, I know time flies but this is going super sonic or something. Time marches on. Summer is upon us bringing new things to concentrate on. We have our outdoor activities, vacations, and the thought that winter and Christmas is right around the corner. So with Christmas in mind, as an independent crafter, it's time to start promoting Christmas. All the projects that you do only for the season come off the shelf and back to the work table. HoHoHo and here we go again. There is nothing like a summer craft show, 80+ degrees outside, and a table full of Christmas. But it produces sales and orders for that one day of the year when we all get to be young again. Even if it's only in our minds and is short lived.